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Hot off the presses! I have just uploaded my latest teacher training module. It is called
"Developing an Effective Tool for Testing Speaking in Malaysian Schools"
It uses the IELTS concept to lay the foundation for testing Malaysian students' proficiency in speaking English. I seems to me that most (if not all) Malaysian teachers settle for testing Listen & Speaking by testing Listening, and even then through the media of Reading and Writing, which kind of invalidates the test.

Go to this tab on the Home Page to find this downloadable resource. The good people at Weebly check everything for viruses as it is uploaded, do download freely and with confidence.

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Have a fantastic day.
I have now uploaded my new Teaching and Learning English Through Mediated Movie Presentation module onto this site. Now you too can lead a workshop in this exciting and sought-after area of ESL.
Tired of being told that movies in ESL classrooms are just time-wasting? Read on through this module for plenty of ammunition to fire back, plus a whole 6 hours of training in the art.
- Peter
As promised, 21X20 PowerPoint is now available for download from this site.
The Trainer Notes and participant notes are newly completed. This exciting concept combines a strictly controlled presentation, putting an end to boring, rambling PowerPoint presentations that we have all come to know and ..... well, dread, plus a detailed description of how to use screen capture tools (parts of Windows and Office and therefore available to everyone on a PC with at least Vista and Office 2007).

Following our very successful "21X20 PowerPoint" workshop at IPGKDRI in Kuala Terengganu two weeks ago, I have now updated all of the downloadable files for you to run your own workshop in Pecha Kucha style that forces participants to speak on a topic for 7 minutes without one word on the screen, and no script visible. Drop me a line on the Contact Form if you need special help. Go to the 21X20 tag at the top of the list on the left side of this website.
Hi all
Just to let you all know that I have just updated my files that used to be called Pecha Kucha but is now renamed "21X20 PowerPoint" to better reflect the unique rules of this PK-style workshop on better presentations. This easy-to run workshop PDF material is provided absolutely free to anyone who wants to download. I value your feedback and requests.
Hours of valuable learning here for students of English and those who need better presentation skills.
Watch this space for Stages 2 & 3 appearing soon!
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