Hello my name is Peter Wickham and this is my Announcements blog for my website Communicative ESL.

I am an English Language Training Fellow at IPG (Teacher Training Institute) KDRI in Kuala Terengganu on the east coast of Malaysia. My job is to help teacher trainers in their pedagogy (teaching methods) while training future teachers for Malaysia. From time to time I update this website with materials I have produced in the course of this training so that they, their students, teachers and you can access and use anything that proves useful.
There is no membership or commitment for downloading my materials, just a plea to acknowledge the source when printing or quoting.
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24/5/2012 06:40:41

what a nice hat!

24/5/2012 07:05:40

Why thankyou Ruth. My hats are often popular.

24/10/2015 09:01:22

have u lost a hat Peter. lol do u need to past hat around ROFL hi Ruth hat is good gathering eggs lol

24/10/2015 14:20:25

I have many hats.


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